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What experience does Landig & Lava have in the area of meat cooling?

Expect the best and nothing less!

Landig & Lava is a family run company in Southern Germany, where all big car-brands manufacture their great products.

We have developed the DRY AGER® with a lot of passion and love in detail over the past 6 years, together with a food laboratory and 2 butchers, we can say with full pride, that the technology, the design and the price fits all.

In total, Landig & Lava has over 30 years experience in meat cooling.

Why is the DRY AGER® so inexpensive and yet has so much technology?

The DRY AGER® is a great product for Meat retailers to satisfy their customer needs.  In was possible to use existing housings and moulds to avoid high investment costs in tools. The elaborate technology (5 patented systems) have been manufactured cost effectively in Germany and Europe, through much experience and years of development work.

How much meat fits into each fridges and how weight-loss can I expect through dry aging?

At the moment there are 2 sizes available:

DX 500® (for up to 20 kg of meat)
The smaller DRY AGER® is the perfect product for private and commercial use, where there is not that much space available. The small unit has the same great technology installed and is perfect for Dry-Aging meat, charcuterie, salami and ham. You can use it as a free standing unit or just install it in a wall, which looks even better. To load this unit, we recommend to use the shelves, which are included and also the optional hanger for pieces up to 50 cm in length.

DX 1000® (for up to 100 kg of meat)
The Bestseller in our range – perfect as a free standing unit or as an installation in a wall single or side-by-side. This fantastic Dry-Aging Fridge is perfect to load with up to 2-3 complete back loins hanging, each up to 25 kg. Mixing is possible as well, just take full shelves or half shelves and hang the pieces inside + put them on shelves, it is your decision. To fill the fridge completely, just take 5 full shelves and put your meat on the shelves to have in total approx. 100 kg inside. Important: Do not fill it up too much, otherwise you will restrict the air-flow

Dry Aging = meat loses weight. The weight loss in the DRY AGER® is surprisingly small:

-Beef:  After 4 weeks approx. 7 – 8 %  |  After 6 weeks approx. 12 %
-Pork:  After 3 weeks approx. 9 – 10 %

This is a very important benefit to our Dry Aging Fridge. We have found out after intensive testing, that many others so called “Dry Aging Cabinets and Fridges” from other suppliers, loose up to 3 times more weight. So you see, in the DRY AGER® the result immediately effects your wallet!

Are there smaller or larger units available?

At the moment there are only 2 sizes available and both can be installed as a single unit free standing or installed in a wall and also you can easily put them side-by-side in a wall which looks fantastic:

DX 500®
For or up to 20 kg of meat
External dimensions: 60 x 60 x 91 cm (LxWxH)
220-240 V and 50/60 Hz / 110 V on request

DX 1000®
For up to 100 kg of meat
External dimensions: 70 x 75 x 165 cm (LxWxH)
220-240 V and 50/60 Hz / 110 V on request

Is the DRY AGER built to Dry-Age (fully aging process from fresh to aged) or just for storing?

Also here, expect the best and nothing else!

The DRY AGER® is a professional dry-aging cabinet, it matures fresh meat to perfect dry-aged meat or produces from fresh meat lovely ham or sausages.

Can this refrigerator also mature ham, cheese and sausages?

The DRY AGER® naturally can be used for ham and sausages, the respective values for humidity (60 to 90%) and temperature (0 to +25 °C) can be adjusted electronically. Also the device can be used as a cheese storage cabinet.

What are the advantages compared to other makes?

The DRY AGER® is now the most popular Dry-Aging Fridge in the world and has a solid quality, at an affordable price, with a production facilities in Germany.

It is worth to emphasize as well the attractive design, the silent running and the plug & play delivery. Also a unique feature with UVC sterilisation system, activated carbon filter, Saltair System with no water supply required.

Included as well: The metallic tinted glass door, LED interior lighting, adjustable shelving and hanging system.

Unique as well, the very low weight loss in the DRY AGER:

-Beef:  After 4 weeks approx. 7 – 8 %  |  After 6 weeks approx. 12 %
-Pork:  After 3 weeks approx. 9 – 10 %

Why is no water supply required?

Due to sophisticated technology and a special combination of components, the DRY AGER® does not need a water connection. The water in the device is already present in the meat, collected and stored as ice. It also has an activated charcoal filter (protected as a utility model in a maturing fridge for meat), along with ongoing air exchange with decreasing air pressure in the unit.

Can I control the temperature and humidity precisely?

Yes, electronically controlled: Humidity (60 to 90%) and temperature (0 to +25 °C) respectively in 0.5 % and 0.1 °C increments on display.

Does the Dry ager have an air circulation or a forced-air system?

Yes, the unit has an air circulation system which is matched in terms of air velocity and volume specifically for the dry maturation of meat, ham and sausage.

What effect do the salt block have on the meat? 

Salt has a sterilising effect. Also, once the salt is slightly wet it can pass into the air and act on the meat. It also positively influences stability to the set air humidity inside the fridge.

The unit inside is made of plastic, is this better than stainless steel?

It is not just plastic, it is a special mixture of antibacterial silver-ion coating combined with an extra strong plastic.

The advantages: Round corners and no edges, so it is very easy and quick to clean with the special DRY AGER cleaner. Through the new antibacterial coating inside bacteria will be destroyed within seconds, this is unique in the DRY AGER® and worldwide there is no unit with this available. The inner plastic body has been protected for meat maturing cabinets and registered as a utility patent.

Will the glass door mist up?

No, the triple glazing will not mist up when the door is closed. Only when the door is open for more than half a minute will the glass briefly mist over, but clears seconds later.

Do I need to defrost the appliance myself?

No, the appliance defrosts automatically and the water evaporates into a receptacle on the compressor in the back of the device.

Can I install the Dry ager as a free standing unit?

Yes, no problem, the feet are height adjustable. Also available for the DX 1000® is a purpose built display podium.

What noise level can I expect from the Dry ager ?

The laboratory measurement gives a sound performance value of 48 dB (A) for the smaller DX 500 and 52 dB (A) for the larger DX 1000.

In order to compare this value: A talking person at 1 m distance has a sound source of: 40 – 60 dB (A).

What energy consumption can I expect?

The German engineering guarantees a low energy consumption!

DX 500®
Energy consumption in 24 hours just approx. 1,0 KWh = 365 KWh per year

DX 1000®
Energy consumption in 24 hours just approx. 1,7 KWh = 621 KWh per year

The data above have been calculated with an ambient temperature of +25 °C and a setting-fridge -temperature of +1 °C.